To Find a Treasure

Where do you buy your books? Amazon? Barnes and Noble? Or perhaps you borrow them from the library. Or, maybe you have a kindle or a nook or an iPad and you download them from various sites.  However you manage to acquire your good reads, it is abundantly clear that there any many ways to access a good story these days. If anything, it can be a bit overwhelming and most importantly, it may take a some time to find a real treasure.

With so many ways to access books as well as the rise of e-publishing and self-publishing, it’s just as easy to find a good book as it is to find a bad book. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having access to books in varying formats and I really do believe there are some amazing books out there by unknown authors, but sometimes, they can be hard to find.

I’ll give you an example. The other night, I hopped on my nook and manuevered my way straight to the ebook category. There, I purchased two books for great prices. I cuddled into my cozy blanket, opened my first nook book to chapter one and started to read. Imagine my disappointment when only ten pages later, I was having too much trouble following the story due to poor grammar. Sure I got a great deal on the book but I was short changed an adventure because another author wanted to be published without putting in the huge amount of work involved with producing a quality book.

So where am I going with this? The point is that with more technology and more ways to access books, readers have an even greater duty to spread the word about the great treasures found. Get the word out when you find a great book and voice when you aren’t satisfied. That’s the only way we are going to encourage a higher standard for our entertainment. This also means that you may have to dig through a few more duds to find a good story, but as an author, critic and reader, myself, I can tell you there are a lot of great books out there that remain somewhat undiscovered. In fact, I will make it my goal to find them and share them with you all. Please feel welcome to do the same.

Have a great week!

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10 thoughts on “To Find a Treasure

  1. My husband reads sifi and has started to complain about the poor editing of a number of indie publishers. I don’t have that problem. When I buy or download an indie published book it’s usually from someone I know.

  2. I totally agree with you. Since I am self published I love to support other indies. But sometimes I get so damn pissed off when I buy a book and find mistake after mistake after mistake. For crying out loud. Please by all that is holy, take the time and spend the money to put out a quality product. If you can’t afford an editor–which most can’t–then PLEASE join a critique group and get honest feedback on your work. Also, it takes time to put out quality work. Don’t try to bang out book after book as if it is a race. Take the time and put forth your best work!
    And yes, even with editors going through a book mistakes still happen–a few I can tolerate, but not hundreds of them where it tosses me from the story. Also there is nothing I hate worse than stupid characters that do and say stupid things. And I can’t stand fake tension and conflict just for the sake of it. And I can tell between real conflict and the fake kind, lol.

    • Brenda, we are fortunate in that we know several indie authors who are quite good. I also like to go exploring though and that is when you find it hit or miss. Thanks for coming by.

      • Yes, we are fortunate. Most of the indie authors I know I think their writing and stories are better than some of the tradition books I have read. LOL, oops, I shouldn’t have said that, but it’s true. One of the reason for this is indies aren’t as restricted in what they write. And I for one am on the constant search for new twists–new ideas–in romance books. I actually stopped reading romances for awhile a few years ago because each book I bought was the same. Only difference was the character’s names–and even those started to become overused.

  3. Sheri Fredricks

    I love reading books. I’ll read books by authors I never heard of. Because I don’t have an eReader, I lean toward paperbacks (but all the contests I’ve entered, I’ll own one soon!).

    I opened a new book last night by a famous NYT paranormal author that I hadn’t read yet. Enjoyed her prologue, then couldn’t finish reading the first page of her Ch. 1. It was that bad. I even skimmed ahead, looking for the place where it “starts getting better.” Never found it.

    With most of the yet-to-be-discovered authors, whose books I’ve read on my Kindle for PC, I can honestly say I’ve not had that problem. Maybe because they’re still out to prove themselves, they can write a better story.

    The book I threw across the room last night was, I felt, over-edited and fit in the same box cranked out by the outdated, cookie-cutter editors.

    • I’ve come across these type of books as well and that’s even more disappointing as you shell out quite a bit more money for a best seller.

  4. I 100% agree with you. With all these successful authors like Amanda Hocking and Brittany Geragotelis I think people are more tempted to self-pub their work. Trick is, some fail to hire professionals to edited it and design a professional cover. So yep, I can def see a whole lot more e-books on their way out there riddled with poor grammar like you say.

    Oh–times have changed haven’t they? 🙂

    • I have to admit that as an author, the temptation for quick success is always there. Kind of like that quicky diet that doesn’t really work. Problem is it won’t last long if you don’t truly put the effort in.

  5. Unfortunately, you are correct.

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