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Happily Ever After – A Soap Opera’s Story

I am completely and utterly entranced by soap operas—Mexican and Brazilian to be specific. The ones in English never end and admittedly I always felt bad for my granny who passed away without ever getting to see the end of General Hospital.

Despite my interest in the romance (because of course that is what interests me the most amongst the eternal ups and downs of betrayal and suspense) of these so-called novellas, I have yet to see any resemblance to them in real life. Now the big Latino family I married into comes pretty close but the soap operas are even more exaggerated. And I know I am not alone in my obsession.

So what makes soap operas so entrancing for such a large audience? Perhaps it’s the handsome actors and beautiful actresses, the glamorous locations, the far-fetched plots and/or a combination of all of these and more. In many ways, they can be similar to a lot of romance novels, although romance novels in general seem to be a little less lengthy and complex in the ups and downs of their plots.

As the romance genre is one of my favorites and the current one I write in, I could help but compare it to real-life as well, asking myself why it is we fall in love with the heroes and heroines as well as the fictional world they live in.

When I think of a book, it seems more like a series of interesting snapshots sown together with one happily ever snapshot at the end. While real-life has these same snapshots, they are accompanied by a lot of uninteresting or even frightening ones as well. And unfortunately, there aren’t always happy endings for all of us. Perhaps that explains our hunger for this glimpse into happiness and the love of romance.

What do you all think?

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London Brown

Hi all!

I have a real treat for you today. This is a character interview with London Brown from her Confessions of a Whore series written by Leila Desint. London is actually backstage and is of course here with her author, Leila DeSint’s permission (of course if we were to ask her, she’d say she doesn’t need anyone’s permission). Before we get started, I’d like to share a bit of information about London. She is undoubtedly a tough lady with a lot of rough edges but after what she’s been through, I can’t blame her. I’ve read the first two episodes of her series and have come to like her immensely as well as the world Ms. DeSint has opened to her readers. I hope you’ll give London a chance to tell her story. And without further ado… a blurb from episode 1:

London Brown – Episode #1 Confessions of a Whore   

I’m London Brown and these are my confessions.  Let me plunge you into my world…

I provide my clients a willing body to explore their depravity-a form of sexual therapy at a fee. Kink, bondage or fetish, I cater to all needs. The greatest sin in the beds I service in is self-deception.

Come play in the dark with me… you can call me whatever you like as long as you pay my price.

Tonight’s client and I share a past, which of us will be left scorned…

Welcome London, please have a seat. It’s so great to have you here. If you don’t mind, I’d like to start out with you telling our readers a bit about yourself…

I’m the alter ego of a fractured woman, Des. I’m sure you’ll learn more about her later. Approximately five years ago she checked out more or less and I took over most of the time. I’m employed by The Agency as an escort for London’s elite.  I enjoy what I do. My clients pay me handsomely for the service I provide them. Here’s The Agency’s card, a number of clients would be interest in a woman with your assets, Ms. Kelly.

Um, thanks so much. I’ll just keep this card for later. I really do appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Let’s start with the basics. I must say, I love your name, it really is very different. May I ask how you came up with that name?

I didn’t come up with it. It was given to me. If your next question would be to ask by whom and why? Don’t bother. If you are reading London Brown you’ll find out soon enough. Some of us can’t help rehashing the past. I don’t much care for history but others can’t stop themselves from divulging it.

All right, I understand that and seeing as I am reading your series and loving it, I don’t want any spoilers. Let’s try a fun question. Say you were stranded on a deserted island. What 5 things or people would you bring with you? And why?

And Cade says my perception of normal is warped. How is that question any fun?  This is like one of those questions shrinks ask you that has no basis in reality yet you’re supposed to treat it as though it’s a plausible?

You want to play this little game do you, Ms. Kelly?

I’m real good at games.  I want the man you believe is the most decent, Leila’s man and I’ll take one from the next three readers.

That gets me five decent standup men on the island with me.  All I needs a week, likely a lot less, and then I tell you just how indecent they truly are.

You have read Lord of the Flies by William Golding, haven’t you?

Oh dear, well let’s move on then. Now, I’ve read the first two episodes of your story. May I ask why you chose to have Leila DeSint write for you?

When I decided I was going to record my life, the first thing I became aware of was that I had no clue how to tell my journey to others. If you ask me how to please a man, I’ve got more tips than the Queens got jewels.  But in telling my story I would expose myself, Des, Cade and Rhys. All of us would have to be able to relate to the author, given the personal truths we’d share. I didn’t give them much choice as I announced to them I’m putting my confessions on paper for others to see. They could either tell their own stories or I’d represent them as I saw them. Very quickly they came on board with the project.  Each of us had a discussion with the prospective writers. Leila was the only one that sent us each back a page of how our voices sounded to her. Granted it had a North American slant but over all I heard myself in the words.

You’ll have to ask the rest of them why they put her in their number one choice slot.

Very interesting. Well considering this is Ms. DeSint’s first release. I believe she has done a wonderful job. London, I’d like to ask you a couple personal questions. Have you ever truly loved someone? And do you think you ever will truly love someone?

I love myself. Many readers would probably find that a very difficult concept to come to terms with. I’m sure they wonder how I can love myself if I allow man to…you readers can fill in the blanks.

What they don’t realize is that they are more whores than I am. They are being pimped in so many ways they can’t even see it. Its starts with their parents, next it’s their friends and society. Soon after it’s the person they were sleeping with and then their kids, in return they impose it back on their offspring. The world is a mess and it was like this when I got here so don’t get upset with me.

I know what the price is upfront for me to lay on my back. Most of the rest of the world isn’t aware until it’s too late. Des would be a really good example of how that happens.

I love the creator. I think this is another concept many of the readers will find hard to reconcile about me. My very existence tells me he has a sense of humor and compassion. He created the human brain to be so complex that it can store unthinkable horrors away from the part of you that couldn’t come to terms with them. I think its compassion, not evil that makes that possible.  But you know I don’t want to believe that my existence is a bad thing. I’m self-preserving like that.

I understand. Much of what you say is true but that is hard for most of us to admit. How about a lighter topic… What would be an ideal date for you if you were to go on a date?

Me go out on a date? You want me to have dinner with a man and put out for the simple expense of a fancy dinner?  What would be the purpose? I have no intention of belonging to man at the rock bottom price of his affection or attention. I can have that and then some.

Do you have any pet peeves? Is there anything you hate to do?

Cuddling is the most useless activity ever invented.  Pillow talk with clients tells me just how lonely most of these men are and nearly all of them are married. I don’t care to hear about their lives… Neither does the woman they are married to so I can’t imagine they are very happy.

Okay, I have to admit I’m curious. You are required to look good as part of your profession. Do you have any tips for our lady readers out there? Also, I have to admit you exude confidence and a nearly tangible sensuality. How do you pull it off and keep men so attracted to you?

Sex burns a lot of calories. Actually not as many as most think and the best burner is being on top. Unfortunately most of my clients like to be in charge.  I often forget to eat, which isn’t healthy at all so I don’t recommend anyone follow my example.

Oh, that’s terrible. You really should take care of yourself. Well, I think I’ve grilled you enough today, although I’d love to have you back. Still, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I’ve opened a window into my world for you to truly see. I fully expect for you to pass judgment on me. I only ask that you do so on the sum of my life.

Once again, thank you, London. For any of you all who are interested, Ms. DeSint’s London Brown Confessions of a Whore series is available today!



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Get Organized

Check out my post on organization on Nights of Passion

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The Loves and Difficulties of Writing

I’ve written many blogs stating that writing is a very difficult profession but I’ve never really gone in depth to the author’s mind and why writing is so hard or why we writers love it so much. Of course, everything I tell you is only my point of view.

I truly feel that writing is not completely a want but a need deep rooted within us writers that will just nag and nag at you until you sit down and let the words flow. For many of us, this need becomes a desire to tell or share something with others. Here are 5 things I love about writing and 5 things I believe make it one of the most difficult things I do.


1)      Creating worlds and escapes for readers to visit

2)      Creating characters readers love or hate or identify with

3)      The fact that writing is a craft I can improve continuously

4)      That I can write anyway and at anytime (permitting I don’t have other things to do)

5)      Having readers talk to me about my characters as if they are as real to them as they are to me


1)      You never know how well you write – it takes self confidence to continue but how much is too much?

2)      At times I lose myself in the stories so it is difficult to be objective

3)      The need to write consumes you above all else

4)      Others don’t understand why you need to spend so much time doing what they deem a “hobby” since it could never completely pan out (how many J.K. Rowlings or Dan Browns or Nora Roberts are there?)

5)      Not enough time in a day, days in a month, months in a year, etc.


With my loves and difficulties in writing, I’d still say any good outweighs any bad. For you readers out there, what do you wonder about authors? And you authors, any loves or difficulties you want to share?

Happy reading and writing this week!

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Work Life Balance

Check out my post on balancing writing with life’s many other demands on Nights of Passion

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Why Do Writers Write?

I consider myself a person with one foot in the world of writing and another in the world of reading. I separate the worlds because some people write and don’t read much and other people read and don’t write. Today, I’d like to share with you my point of view on why writers write.

I’ve been writing with the intent of sharing my work for over three years now. I wrote before that. Poems as a kid, stories as a teenager and day dreams as an adult. I’m a story teller by nature. That is why I write. In between writing, I read. My voracious appetite for words spans several genres but I often enjoy a good love story as it makes me happy for a few hours. For that reason, I chose to start my writing career in the romance genre. Fortunately, there are tons of resources for romance writers so it has been a great genre to really hone my writing skills.

So I told you why I write but I want to try to put you in the mind of a writer. Show you how writing is more of a need than a want although admittedly, it is a bit of both for those who are happy being authors. As I said before, I’ve always written. But my writing was more of a hobby and not something I took seriously. I never genuinely thought I would ever try to write as a professional. And yet as I’ve gotten older, day dreams began to consume me. Little scenes would play out in my mind like moving pictures.

Many writers say their characters talk to them. It’s not to say we are actually having conversations with characters in our head. We are puppet masters with live puppets. We imagine conversations but at times what we imagine doesn’t always flow and the characters take over. That’s the way it should be. In a good book, we authors are merely interpreters of our characters’ stories. The readers don’t hear our voices in the books they read but they hear the voices of our characters.

I hope this post has helped you understand why writers write and why many of us aspire to be authors and share our work with readers. If you aspire to write and can’t seem to shake the desire, give it a try. You just may discover a new passion. And for those of you who already write, keep living your dream.

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And the Winner Is…

As promised, I am announcing the winner of the Birthday Blog Hop. This winner has a choice between a $20.00 Amazon or B & N gift card. Thank you all for participating and hope you’ll check back in more often.


Congrats Juliana!!!

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Birthday Blog Hop

Welcome to Carrie Ann Ryan’s birthday blog hop day!

As a kid, birthdays were wonderful (except for the time when my crush hit me in the head with a balloon). I was a chocoholic then and I still am now so birthdays usually consisted of chocolate cupcakes with homemade chocolate icing and colored sprinkles. My mouth waters just thinking about them. These grand occasions usually consisted of a party either at my house or at a local pizza joint with several lucky kids from my class.

With age, birthdays have definitely evolved. I’ve reached a point in my life where I just accept them. They still remain an exciting day because they’re your day, but I don’t necessarily jump for joy at the thought of becoming a year older. I’m comfortable with it because it just is. Admittedly, I look forward to the many trips I’ll make to Barnes and Nobles afterwards as the majority of family and friends, who know me, get me B&N gift cards.

No, these days it is not the big parties or dinners for me that woo me. In actuality, I love planning birthdays for my family and friends. There is something so rewarding seeing their face light up because you’ve nailed the perfect gift or a beautiful party. Even better when you catch them by surprise. I’m a baking fanatic as well so having the opportunity to bake cakes for family, friends or co-workers is fun too. In fact, that is what I’m going to do after writing this blog. Don’t worry, if the cake comes out well, I promise to share the recipe.

What about you all? Why not share what you do or don’t like about birthdays. One lucky winner will win a free $20.00 gift card to Amazon or B&N from my blog. In addition to this, all will be entered in to win one of two grand prizes:

1)      A Kindle Touch

2)      A $60.00 Amazon or B&N gift card

You have until 11:59 EST of the sixth to to comment so give it a try (and don’t forget your email!!!). The winner for my blog will be announced on the 7th and Carrie Ann Ryan will announce the two grand prize winners. Oh and of course, Happy Birthday Carrie Ann Ryan!

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The Writer Inside of Us

Check out my post on Nights of Passion today!

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Birthday Blog Hop Reminder!

Hi All!
April 6th is Carrie Ann Ryan’s, author of A Taste for a Mate and Trinity Bound, birthday. Watch out! And to celebrate, around 60 authors and bloggers are hosting a hop for two days!! Hooray!
Each author is going to talk about their favorite birthdays or why they love (or hate) them. Really its a free for all.
What does that mean for you as a reader? Well, each author is giving away a prize at their blog (mine happens to be a $20.00 gift card to either Barnes & Noble or Amazon). AND all together we’re giving away TWO grand prizes.
1) A Kindle Touch

2) A $60 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card
Yep. You can comment on each blog and enter to win! How great is that? So on April 5th the hop begins and you have until 11:59PM on the 6th to participate!

Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!!!

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