The Loves and Difficulties of Writing

I’ve written many blogs stating that writing is a very difficult profession but I’ve never really gone in depth to the author’s mind and why writing is so hard or why we writers love it so much. Of course, everything I tell you is only my point of view.

I truly feel that writing is not completely a want but a need deep rooted within us writers that will just nag and nag at you until you sit down and let the words flow. For many of us, this need becomes a desire to tell or share something with others. Here are 5 things I love about writing and 5 things I believe make it one of the most difficult things I do.


1)      Creating worlds and escapes for readers to visit

2)      Creating characters readers love or hate or identify with

3)      The fact that writing is a craft I can improve continuously

4)      That I can write anyway and at anytime (permitting I don’t have other things to do)

5)      Having readers talk to me about my characters as if they are as real to them as they are to me


1)      You never know how well you write – it takes self confidence to continue but how much is too much?

2)      At times I lose myself in the stories so it is difficult to be objective

3)      The need to write consumes you above all else

4)      Others don’t understand why you need to spend so much time doing what they deem a “hobby” since it could never completely pan out (how many J.K. Rowlings or Dan Browns or Nora Roberts are there?)

5)      Not enough time in a day, days in a month, months in a year, etc.


With my loves and difficulties in writing, I’d still say any good outweighs any bad. For you readers out there, what do you wonder about authors? And you authors, any loves or difficulties you want to share?

Happy reading and writing this week!

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