Happily Ever After – A Soap Opera’s Story

I am completely and utterly entranced by soap operas—Mexican and Brazilian to be specific. The ones in English never end and admittedly I always felt bad for my granny who passed away without ever getting to see the end of General Hospital.

Despite my interest in the romance (because of course that is what interests me the most amongst the eternal ups and downs of betrayal and suspense) of these so-called novellas, I have yet to see any resemblance to them in real life. Now the big Latino family I married into comes pretty close but the soap operas are even more exaggerated. And I know I am not alone in my obsession.

So what makes soap operas so entrancing for such a large audience? Perhaps it’s the handsome actors and beautiful actresses, the glamorous locations, the far-fetched plots and/or a combination of all of these and more. In many ways, they can be similar to a lot of romance novels, although romance novels in general seem to be a little less lengthy and complex in the ups and downs of their plots.

As the romance genre is one of my favorites and the current one I write in, I could help but compare it to real-life as well, asking myself why it is we fall in love with the heroes and heroines as well as the fictional world they live in.

When I think of a book, it seems more like a series of interesting snapshots sown together with one happily ever snapshot at the end. While real-life has these same snapshots, they are accompanied by a lot of uninteresting or even frightening ones as well. And unfortunately, there aren’t always happy endings for all of us. Perhaps that explains our hunger for this glimpse into happiness and the love of romance.

What do you all think?

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One thought on “Happily Ever After – A Soap Opera’s Story

  1. I remember watching soaps and I like romance better because I like a HEA.

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