Reading and Writing: Evolution and Convenience

When I really have to write, I mean REALLY have to write, anything will do. I have written whole chapters on napkins while on my lunch break at work. Of course as my dedication to writing has changed, I have purchased or received gifts which make it a little more convenient to write on the go, the iPad 2 being one of these.  These devices are slim and lightweight, yet still robust enough to get a lot of writing done.

As the world of “books” has evolved, I also see tons of people reading and writing on smaller devices such as cell phones. Amazon has done a great job of making its eBooks convenient by offering the kindle app free on such devices as PCs and iPhones. And these days it is quite common to see people strolling around with kindles, nooks and other readers.

Lately, with my lack of time to write, I’ve tried to make use of every second by purchasing speech to text software to write while I dictate in the car. Unfortunately, the results haven’t been so great as the device picks up all the outside noises of driving in the car as well.

Overall, it amazes me how much technology has changed our ability to read and write. Nora Roberts gave a speech at RWA Nationals a few years ago and she spoke about how in her day, writers had to go to the library to research information for their books. Libraries and bookstores still exist but these days, it is most common for us to hop onto the internet for research. How convenient, no? Of course, with this convenience come a few dangers as well—easy access to pirating and sharing of our books for example, but that is a subject for another day.

What about you all? How has reading and/or writing evolved for you?

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One thought on “Reading and Writing: Evolution and Convenience

  1. I practically live on my laptop, but I’m looking for something a little more portable and have decided on the new Dell 13″. When I can afford it.

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