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Can’t You Feel It?

What takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary? In my day job we are always asking people to think outside the box, but then I must ask…why do we put ourselves and others in a box to begin with?

One of the best things about writing is really the ability to be creative and turn things upside down. Granted there are some guidelines within certain genres (for instance, romance needs to have a happy ending, mystery needs well a mystery/puzzle, etc.). Still, despite the creative outlet, you still have writers ask questions about how something should happen, where the character should go, what their world should look like. The same thing happens in my day job, people want guidelines.

The thing is that most of the extraordinary seems to come from those moments where we toss the guidelines to the side or forget the recommendations from every single person around us. The truth is that much of the extraordinary starts as a small feeling inside us that just grows and grows. It’s our job to nurture it but even before that we have to let it exist, which is why I’m asking you today whether you can feel it. If you can’t, perhaps you need to take a step back and let yourself feel it.

For those of you writers out there, let the inspiration come. Don’t force it just be open to it. And you readers encourage the writers whose stories you love. It’s no mean trick to write a book and do it well.

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