A Great Story

Okay, so it’s a weekday night and I’m taking a breaking from my regularly scheduled program (writing my manuscripts of course) to write this blog which I’ve somewhat neglected of late. You see, I’m in the midst of reading a Lori Foster book called the Buckhorn Legacy, which I absolutely love, I’m writing the next book in my Blessed series which is currently called Kiss Eternal (a work I’m very excited about) and I’m also beta reading the sequel to Sins of the Undead Patriot for a fellow author a.c. Mason whose work I also love. Right now, I’m surrounded by great stories and life is good. So of course it has got me wondering what makes these stories so great and why is that important?

Whether you’re a reader or writer out there, I think we can all admit that a great story stays with us, changes us and overall uplifts us in some way. A bad story or a bad book in general can just plain bring the mood down and let’s face it, our world has enough craziness and negativity going on that we don’t really need to add to the pile.

So what makes a great story? I think this is a very subjective question so I’ll answer as to what I like from a book and what I believe that I as an author need to do. I believe a great story makes readers feel. That can mean it makes us feel good, bad, sad, happy, etc. The characters leave impressions and they stay with the readers, enticing them to want more or at least come back and visit every now and then. A great story leaves an imprint. What about you all, what do you think makes a great story?

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