Surrendering to His Mrs. Right: An Inside Look at the Characters

Hi folks, so glad you could stop by today for an interview. I must say I’m excited to have you all in the same room as I completely loved this series and love getting the opportunity to chat with you all a bit more closely. I want to start off with some questions for each of you and admittedly I may get personal so just let me know if you’re not comfortable.

Indy: Before we start can we rearrange the seating? I just don’t feel right sitting between them. Over hereSurrendering To His Mrs.  Right_Cover on the other side of Liam would be good.

Tim: Indy, come on. I don’t even know why you’re angry to the point that you won’t sit next to me.

Indy: I’m not angry, this is me hurt. It’s too much for me give everything that happened. Can we please get this interview over with?

Um, well, I’m definitely for getting to the interview part… Indy, let’s start with you since you seem so eager… What do you think about this latest release in the Soul Food Diner series?

Indy: It’s fine. I don’t know why some of us felt the need to relive the past.

Did you enjoy your role in it?

Indy:Role? Shit. No. You think I liked the basket case I was over my feelings. I can see now how much I fed the problem by not admitting I loved Liam at the time.

Both Tim and Liam are quite the hunky guys and you’ve known them for a while. How do they differ in your eyes and how does that affect your relationship with each other?

Indy: I’ve known Liam eighteen years. Given how things went down, technically sixteen… back to your questions about the differences. Liam’s a bitter SOB. I guess I can kinda be like that too. He’s a ham, also always needing to be the center of attention. Tim’s a pig headed SOB. When he gets something in his mind it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about the subject. He’s serious about everything, which can be funny without him knowing.

What is your idea of your dream guy?

Indy: Right now. I don’t want nothing do with men.

What about your dream date?

Indy: I think my previous answer covers it.

Why don’t we move onto Tim and give Indy a bit of a break. I must say Tim, you play a pretty fearless doctor with a huge heart.  Is there anything you are afraid of?

Tim: Loosing Indy. She’s the love of my life. I know Liam’s rolling his eyes at me but it’s true. She’s everything to me.

Awe, that’s so sweet! How would you describe your relationship with your family?

Tim: I’ve done my best to keep the peace. I’m not always proud of the decisions made by those around me but I don’t give up on them.

I can definitely tell that, especially from this latest release. Would you say your past has made you the man you are today?

Tim: I don’t see how it couldn’t. At some point my parents decided they’d make each other miserable and abdicated their responsibilities. I don’t want to end up like them.

I know you remember Indy or better said, you can’t forget her. Would you say she has changed over the years?

Tim:I can’t help but smile when you ask me that.  She was this lanky girl with awkward limbs and a bob of curly hair on her head. Then she went away first year and came back this fierce little bombshell.  It wasn’t just the visuals that had changed suddenly she was more than the drama that surrounded her and Liam.

Well, thanks so much Tim for answering my questions. I guess we should move onto Liam now. So Liam, I hear you’re quite the ladies man.

Liam: So I’ve been told.

Any secrets for our readers out there who may be interested in learning a few tips for the dating scene?

Liam: No. I don’t recommend you man whore yourself so that when you finally are in love all she sees is the hundreds of women that came before her when all you can think about is her being every second of the rest of your life.

Oh, that’s unexpectedly romantic… Liam, you often get pinpointed for being a bit of the fun guy or a joker.

Liam: We all find our ways with coping with our bullshit.

Would you like to share anything with us that clarifies whether this really is the real you?

Liam: Really me? Yeah I really used humor to try and bury what’s going on inside me. Who are you? Dr. Phil. Fuck. You think I like what happened. I spent a year blaming myself.  I’d do anything for Indy. Even when I’m the only person she’s got I’m an SOB.

If you were deserted on a tropical island and had the choice of bringing 3 things or people with you, what would they be?

Liam: This is why I hate psychology. If you want to know what I can’t live without it’s Indy. I know I’ve been a tool about the whole thing but they gutted me.

I’m sorry to hear that and I can see you are upset so we’ll just bring this to a close. I’m going to pose this request to all of you.  Would any of you be willing to share a short summary about this latest release in the Soul Diner Series?

Indy: Woman tries to move on after realizing the man she loves doesn’t feel the same way. She fails. In the process, she hurts two people she cares about and changes her life forever.

Tim: Man falls hard and fast for the woman of his dreams, takes a leap only to realize her heart wasn’t available and his actions cause irrevocable damage.

Liam: A man blind to his own feelings, realizes what he wanted was right in front of him but is slipping away. He carried on like a bull in a china shop and leaves a path of destruction.

Wow, that sounds great. Thanks for coming folks, and for those of you who want the author’s version of the blurb:

When Tim Boyd is asked to pick up Indy Kent a few days before Christmas, his interest in his brother Liam’s best friend is all tied up in knots. And for once in his life he’s unwilling to deny himself for the sake of his family.

Indy Kent comes home for the holidays heartbroken at the knowledge that her best friend, Liam, is finally serious about another woman. But she finds comfort and a spark with Tim.
To Tim’s surprise, Indy seems to welcome the chance to spend time with him. Soon, something more is brewing…that is, until Liam returns.

New Year’s sends Tim, Indy and Liam into a tailspin that will alter them forever, and their lives will hang in the balance…

Content Warning: This book contains voyeurism, masturbation, graphic sexual descriptions and profane language. M/F.

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For more information on a.c. Mason and her books, please check out:

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