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A New Way of Reading

Hi all, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted so I must apologize for that. I recently got back from a trip to Europe which required quite a bit of planes and trains and was amazed to see how much reading has changed. Of course being an writer I should realize this but I guess I hadn’t seen it in action so to speak. Very few people were actually holding books but tons more had laptops, iPads and electronic readers.

As a writer, I always loved to tilt my head and look at the cover of what someone was reading to see if I recognized the author and story. Nora Roberts was always a popular pick and it instantly formed some kind of bond with that person in my mind because I knew they liked romances as well. Admittedly, I missed the ability to do this during this last trip, but I also realized that there are some advantages to these new forms for reading.

For one, readers aren’t afraid to read whatever it is they want. That might mean something a little bit more provocative for some while it might not for others. Either way, readers can be comfortable reading their books.

Second, the easy access to wifi (even the trains had wifi) makes it very easy for readers to expand their horizons and search out other types of books than those offered at the closest newsstand or store, especially if their terminal of the airport doesn’t offer much.

Lastly, if we really want to know what someone else is reading and whether they recommend it, it requires us to go up and talk to them, which stimulates conversation–something I rarely see electronics do these days.

What about you all? For those of you who read books electronically, what do you see are the advantages or disadvantages? Do you like this new way of reading?

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