Sneak Peek Sunday – Touch Eternal

Check out this week’s Sneak Peek Sunday for a very short snippet of my current work in progress, Kiss Eternal:

He woke to the trickle of water and the musky scent of mold. He hung near a stone wall, his hands bound above by shackles that dropped down from the ceiling. One hard tug yielded nothing as the metal held its own against his strength. He inspected the thick cuffs bound around his wrists. Silver.  Shit.

Somehow he’d ended up in a dungeon of sorts. He lifted his head and attempted to shift his position. A dull pain exploded through his back. Christ, what had happened? He groaned, recalling men’s voices, a woman. He glanced down. Blood oozed from several wounds on his torso, soaking his torn tee. Silver wouldn’t have this great of an effect. They must have used something else, but what?

“Your body is getting used to the pain. Still, it will get worse. Those wounds will fester and spread if left untreated.” A woman spoke from across the room. She sat on the floor, her hands tied with rope. Dark blonde hair covered half of her face.

Rafe’s jaw clenched. She’d been a trap all along.

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