Release Day: May I Have This Dance Excerpt

Hi All!

Welcome to the release day for First Frost, A Lyrical Press Anthology! This is a gift from several of Lyrical’s very talented authors and editors as well as Lyrical Press itself to our lovely readers out there. You can click here to read blurbs on all the stories and get download links.

Today I have included an excerpt from my very own May I Have This Dance for you all to read. This novella is available within the First Frost Anthology so if you like what you read, download it free! You’ll get several other great novellas too!

Enjoy and thank you readers out there. You make writing so much fun!


“If you think I’ll sit by and watch you throw away everything, you’ve got another thing coming.” His father’s dark gaze lingered on Gemma. “You’re better than that.”

Sebastian pressed his lips together. The pointed remark pushed him past his breaking point. He returned his father’s stare. “I won’t say I agree with the stance Grandfather took, but history shows he didn’t have much luck convincing you of that once upon a time.”

“I behaved young and foolishly, much like you.” His father basically had wished away his only son’s existence. Who was he kidding? Father would never understand him. Any passion for what life could bring had died with Mom.

“Then you should know I need to figure out life on my own.”

“Don’t be stupid. Why repeat my mistakes?”

“Stupid? First I’m irresponsible and now I’m stupid? What you don’t understand is I don’t see them as mistakes. I take no issue with them and they define me as much as my achievements do.”

“I’m telling you, it’s not worth the trouble.”

“I don’t know about that.” He turned and slipped a hand around the back of Gemma’s neck, leaned in and kissed her. He’d meant it to be rough and angry and short, but she responded, taking him off guard. He lost himself in the kiss, deepening it then reluctantly pulling away. The sleepy, stunned look in Gemma’s eyes mirrored how he felt. He forced himself to face his father. “I’d say she’s damn well worth it.”

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