Raw Emotions

As any writer/reader does, I love to surround myself with books, get wrapped up in the worlds of my characters and feel the emotions of them too. I love to fall in love with the heroes and heroines of books I write and read. I love to cry or laugh or even get angry. This last emotion came more as an appreciation of writing books. While we may not always like a book’s ending or like what characters in books do, the fact that they are eliciting emotions tells me that the author must be doing something right.

Agent Scott Eagan recently wrote a post called Writing Romance is About Falling in Love on his blog Babbles from Scott Eagan. In my opinion, he completely hits the nail on the head in stating that authors need to be bringing their readers through the entire process of falling in love. Anyone who has ever loved or even believed they’ve loved knows that there are so many moments to enjoy, from the first spark or¬†awkwardness to that first tingly kiss, to those nights of angst because the other person has either done or not done what we’ve expected.

I can still remember the first time an attraction clicked between me and my now husband (at least on my side). It was his laugh and it made my stomach flip and he looked so happy all I could do was smile. Our first date was weird and our second date was weirder but there was just something that kept pulling me back for more and 11+ years later it still pulls.

Conveying these raw emotions on paper is no easy task and making your readers feel there too is even harder. It requires us to be raw and to open up our own experiences to assess how we truly felt and feel. And when your feeling most exposed and sometimes most uncomfortable, that is when you write, because that is when the real deal comes out.

Best of luck writing this week and be sure to challenge yourself. The results will truly be worth it.


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3 thoughts on “Raw Emotions

  1. melissakeir

    I think when the writer can channel the emotions, they come through to the reader, evoking deeper emotions and a stronger connection. Great post!! I tweeted.

  2. Thanks for the link to the other post – it was a good read.

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