Sunday Snippet

Hi All!

Sharing another snippet today from my current work in progress, Touch Eternal. Enjoy!


Michaela glanced down at her pale blue dress, torn and bloody in some places. An icy breeze moved through her and she gasped for breath. What the hell? She staggered as a woman’s form left her and moved toward Rafe. Her hips swayed with a grace Michaela knew she’d never possess. She glided rather than walked, a vision draped in white and gold. Tall, with golden hair and full lips. Her gown hugged her breasts and fell around her, forming a tail along the floor. She paused beside Rafe.

Rafe looked her over from head to toe, then met her gaze. “What’s the occasion?”

The woman smiled, her expression an unusual combination of seduction and innocence. “What if I told you I had dressed up for you?”

“I’d tell you, you were wasting your time.”

She pouted. “Lucius, we were good together. Don’t you remember?” She caressed his neck.

He caught her hand in his. “Don’t. You know better than to refer to me by that name. I left him behind long ago.”


That’s all for today, folks! Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own snippets as well.

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