Cover Reveal: May I Have This Dance

Hi All!

Thought I’d make an impromptu stop in to share my cover reveal for my paranormal novella, May I Have This Dance? Thanks for stopping by:


The right partner makes all the difference… in love and dancing.

Half-demon Sebastian Reyes is tired of hiding who and what he is. He’s determined to set his own path to happiness, even at the risk of disappointing his father. However, this is easier said than done when the truths he wants to reveal may very well scare away the one he loves.

For once in her life, Gemma Ashton, is aspiring for more, including her dreamy dance instructor, Sebastian Reyes. Told from a young age she was plain and plump, these terms are ingrained in her head, even if they’re no longer true. Can she rid herself of her insecurities and follow what’s in her heart?

Will Sebastian and Gemma embrace their pasts enough to pave way for a future together?


Buy this book here.


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8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: May I Have This Dance

  1. D'Ann

    Wow, great cover!

  2. I love the cover! Sounds like a winner!!

  3. Excellent cover. So does your hubby work on photoshop in his job. Because the font usage looks really professional not to mention the well meshed 3 layers of imagery.

  4. Awesome!

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