Irish Dreams: An Excerpt

Hi All,

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Since I had up a cover reveal this weekend, I missed my Sunday Snippet so I thought I’d share an excerpt with you all today from Irish Dreams. In this scene, Maggie is watching Ethan from a distance, wanting what she feels she can’t have and making assumptions about what she doesn’t know. We are all guilty of doing this more often than not, and it often is what causes problems in otherwise smooth situations. Enjoy!

Maggie forced her lips upward even as she let her gaze drift. As luck would have it, Rick picked the exact same restaurant in which Ethan and the brunette from the other day–whom she assumed to be his wife–dined. The pair sat at a table diagonal from them, tucked into an intimate corner of the dining room. Maggie’s stomach tightened as Ethan laughed at something his wife said. He appeared the indulgent, happy husband. Make that gorgeous husband, as his eyes seemed to shine brighter this night. Either way, he looked happy and that left her feeling strangely bittersweet. Would a man ever be that happy with her? Given the size of the nearby towns, she shouldn’t have been surprised to see them. Still, it did seem a cruel twist of fate.

“Would you two like a bottle of wine with your dinner?” A waiter approached their table.

“Yes, Chianti would be nice,” said Rick. “You’d like that, darling, wouldn’t you? Bring it.”

As usual, he hadn’t waited for her to answer. Dressed in a navy blazer, a crisp white shirt, khakis and a pale yellow sweater vest, Rick looked the part of the distinguished gentleman. How deceiving. She only now admitted she’d rarely seen him wear the same outfit more than once in all the years she’d known him. He’d always had a passion for clothes but looking back, it was more than that. He was a professor, not an editor for Vogue. Quite simply, he was a handsome,
vain man.

The waiter watched her. “A glass for you, miss?”

“Of course a glass. You don’t expect her to drink directly from the bottle, do you?” Rick rolled his eyes in exaggeration. “Now get on with it.”

The waiter left with a nod.

“Idiot. You don’t deal with this stupidity back home.”

Was he kidding? How come she’d never noticed Rick’s selfishness before? Perhaps for the same reason she’d chosen to ignore all his other flaws, she’d pushed it aside. Four years with him and he still didn’t acknowledge she loved Riesling. She’d always preferred sweeter white wines.

The gorgeous brunette sitting with Ethan gave a light laugh and threw her head back. The back of her dress dipped down in a revealing display of flawless skin. A tailored cut that hugged an enviable waist. She lifted a glass of champagne for a toast. “Cheers to freedom.”

Freedom? What did she mean?

Ethan sipped his champagne with a smile which didn’t quite reach the breadth of his face. Or maybe Maggie’d imagined it. He looked up and caught her watching. His eyes were intense emerald pools as he studied her.

She rubbed her arms, warding off a chill. Despite her sweater and long skirt, she might as well have been nude before him.

“Your friend from the other night?” Rick asked.

“Ethan is the best man at Elsie’s wedding.”

“And the woman? She’s a looker.”

“I assume she’s his wife.”

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