Featured Author Thursday: Melissa Keir

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My favorite day of the week as I get to share another great author with you all. This week, I’ll be sharing Melissa Keir and her latest work, Protecting His Wolfe. Enjoy!

Melissa Keir has always wanted to be an author when she wasn’t hoping for a career as a race car driver. Her love of booauthor picks was instilled by her mother and grandparents who were avid readers. She’d often sneak books away from them so that she could fantasize about those strong alpha males and plucky heroines. In middle school and high school, Melissa used to write sappy love poems and shared them with her friends and still has those poems today! In college, her writing changed to sarcastic musings on life as well as poems with a modern twist on fairy tales and won awards for her writing and books. You can find many of these musings along with her latest releases on her website and blog.

As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America, Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter, and EPIC. She is always interested in improving her writing through classes and seminars.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature happy endings and is often seen plotting her next story.

And now a bit about Protecting His WolfeCheck out this lovely cover:

Protecting His Wolfe LRG


Betsie Wolfe is a small-town girl who leaves her cozy little life for a job in the big city, never expecting to become a witness to a murder or face vicious threats.

Detective Jonah Pigg is attracted to Betsie’s green eyes and small frame when he arrives on the scene of the murder.

When the threats begin, he takes her into his home under the protection of the three Piggs who own the Pigg Detective Agency. It will take all his detective work to keep her safe from the killer.

Passion has a way of igniting when people are under stressful situations, and lust leads Betsie and Jonah into each other’s arms. But is their relationship a matter of desire, or is it something more?

Late one October evening, after most of the staff had left, Betsie chose to get the last of the filing done before heading out, hoping to earn some bonus points from Miss Hildebrand, the imperious clerical supervisor at Anderson. After all, nobody waited at home for her.

She kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes, glad to be free of the fashionable toe-pinchers after a long day. Grabbing the stack of papers, she walked over to the tall filing cabinet. She sniffed and sneezed. “Julie must have worn the whole bottle of Chanel this morning.” Her co-worker’s “more is better” perfume policy made their close quarters trying at times. Juggling the folders in one arm, she pushed the window open for fresh air then sat on the floor to sort the files. Perhaps Mrs. Hildebrand, the old dragon who ran the secretarial pool, would appreciate her efficiency and lay off her for once.

Few, if any, other staff members remained so late in the day. Only the soft hum of the fluorescent lights broke the quiet, and she was able to work quickly without all the interruptions of the business day.

As she finished alphabetizing A-L, harsh voices echoed from outside, startling her.

Who could that be? She crept closer to the window, but found it too high to see the people below. Perhaps she shouldn’t have stayed alone at night, no matter how it might benefit her career.

“Do you have the stuff?” The voice sounded familiar. She scrunched her eyes, trying to envision the person behind the sound.

“Yes, I do, but the drugs are hidden until you pay me twice the amount we agreed on.”

She held her breath and crouched behind the file cabinet, afraid to make a sound. Is that Mr. Anderson? Why is my boss talking about drugs?

“That’s not the way to do business. We agreed on a fee. I did the loading and driving. I had all the risk.” The rough voice took on a menacing tone with a rasp that sounded like he—and it was clearly a man— had smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for twenty years.

“But it’s my company and my name on those trucks, which means I’m taking the biggest risk if we get caught moving your drugs. So the amount is double.”

Betsie’s heart raced. She’d never known anyone who’d been involved in dirty business, and now she was working for one. I wish I hadn’t worked late. Her leg hurt from her cramped posture, and she rubbed her calf to try to ease the pain. Closing her eyes, she retraced in her mind the office layout and an escape route. Just in case.


AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Protecting-Wolfe-Pigg-Detective-Agency-ebook/dp/B00K3G4188/ref=la_B0078TCJX2_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1399160048&sr=1-10

ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-protectinghiswolfe-1497701-149.html

BARNES AND NOBLE: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/protecting-his-wolfe-melissa-keir/1111605967?ean=2940149435739

KOBO BOOKS: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/protecting-his-wolfe


Book Trailer URL: http://youtu.be/5IdGz_BdjEc

Last but not least, if you’d like to contact or stay in touch with Melissa, here is her information:

Website: http://www.melissakeir.com

Blog: http://www.melissakeir.com/blog.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/melissaakeir

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/melissa_keir

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23 thoughts on “Featured Author Thursday: Melissa Keir

  1. D'Ann

    What will you do for the summer, Melissa?

    • I will do some camping D’Ann. I was also offered a chance to jump out of an airplane. Maybe have that crossed off my bucket list if I can get over my fear.

  2. Love the cover, Melissa! Congrats on the release!

  3. Thank you Toni for having me visit. Now if I can get a few free moments, I can get back to Lucas’ story! He’s falling for a hot arson investigator!

  4. mygirlfridayva

    I love the Excerpt Melissa!

  5. Congrats on the new release, Melissa, and best of luck with your sales! 😉

  6. Diane Burton

    Best wishes, Melissa.

  7. Gorgeous cover and excerpt. I can’t wait to read this. Tweeted.

  8. Nikki Lynn Barrett

    What a gorgeous cover, and it sounds great too!

  9. Great excerpt. Love the cover and title.

  10. Wow! Sounds awesome and I just bought. Can’t wait to dig into.

  11. Great interview. The story sounds interesting and I love the cover.

  12. Thank you again for having me on your blog! I loved getting a chance to share Protecting His Wolfe with everyone. If you have any questions, please email me at daringzoey at yahoo.com.
    ❤ Melissa

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