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Sunday Snippet: May I Have This Dance

Hi All, seeing as it is Father’s day, I thought I’d share a snippet from May I Have This Dance between Sebastian and his father. Warning this shows a bit of the tension between them, you’ll have to read more just to find out how their relationship turns out.  As for all those fathers out there, have a great one today!

Freshly showered and dressed in clean clothes, Sebastian entered his father’s office. The scent of cigars and books permeated the air.

Behind his huge antique desk, Armando Reyes sat in a leather swivel chair, staring at the estate’s expansive gardens, back to him. “You kept me waiting,” he said.

“I needed a shower.” More to collect his thoughts than get clean, but his father didn’t need an explanation. Sebastian sat in a burgundy, plush chair in front of the desk. “So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“What do you think?” His father faced him. “I leave the party I am hosting and find my thirty-year-old son fighting with a bunch of riff-raff instead of toasting history-making legislation. I’ve sat here for half an hour, trying to figure out what to do. What is it you want, Sebastian?”

“Why bother asking, Father? You don’t care.”

“Try me.”

He ached to tell him the truth about the dance studio, but Father wouldn’t understand. Perhaps he could remind him. “Do you remember Saturdays when Mom was alive, before she got sick?”

Father’s brow creased. “Movie Saturdays?”

“Yeah. We’d go to a matinee, have dinner somewhere nice and then the three of us would come back and dance to jazz. Mom knew all the greats, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Miles Davis—”

“Where are you going with this?”

Sebastian sighed. A framed picture of his father, mother and him, sat on a bookshelf across the room. “We were happy.”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

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Sunday Snippet: May I Have This Dance?

Check out a fight scene from a old work that I’ve now decided to rework. This is near where this novella starts where Gemma (our heroine) sees Sebastian (our main man or hero if you prefer). Enjoy!


Up ahead, three males surrounded Sebastian and another male. This wouldn’t usually concern Gemma but the red streak across Sebastian’s shirt did. “Is that blood on Sebastian?”

Carlyn frowned. “I don’t see him as the fighting type.”

“Not usually,” Sara said.

Yet it became quite obvious Sebastian and the largest of the males were not on friendly terms. Gemma balled her hands into fists as Carlyn stopped the car. Every muscle in her tensed as the dark-haired male rushed Sebastian. Their bodies connected, but Sebastian twisted, pushing him into the bushes.

Pulled by instinct, fear or plain insanity, Gemma couldn’t open the passenger side of the car fast enough. She ran toward the fight. Three other men stood watching as Sebastian and his attacker wrestled between punches. Sebastian’s dominance soothed her nerves. He ducked his attacker’s fist and landed a hook to the side of the man’s face.

As she neared, Sebastian’s gaze registered surprise. Her chest fluttered for an instant, then clenched as his attacker’s fist connected with his face, knocking him off balance.

“No.” Gemma fell to the ground beside him.

A thick arm wrapped around her neck, hoisting her up and away before she could touch him. She stumbled, losing her footing as she clawed away the pressure preventing her from breathing

“Take your hands off her or I will rip you to shreds.” Sebastian stood in front of her, chest heaving, eyes burning with fury.

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Sunday Snippet

Hi All!

Sharing another snippet today from my current work in progress, Touch Eternal. Enjoy!


Michaela glanced down at her pale blue dress, torn and bloody in some places. An icy breeze moved through her and she gasped for breath. What the hell? She staggered as a woman’s form left her and moved toward Rafe. Her hips swayed with a grace Michaela knew she’d never possess. She glided rather than walked, a vision draped in white and gold. Tall, with golden hair and full lips. Her gown hugged her breasts and fell around her, forming a tail along the floor. She paused beside Rafe.

Rafe looked her over from head to toe, then met her gaze. “What’s the occasion?”

The woman smiled, her expression an unusual combination of seduction and innocence. “What if I told you I had dressed up for you?”

“I’d tell you, you were wasting your time.”

She pouted. “Lucius, we were good together. Don’t you remember?” She caressed his neck.

He caught her hand in his. “Don’t. You know better than to refer to me by that name. I left him behind long ago.”


That’s all for today, folks! Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own snippets as well.

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Sunday Snippet

Hi All!

Sharing a snippet today from my current work in progress, Touch Eternal. Enjoy!


Rafe laughed. The sound, rich and deep, moved over her like a caress. “Not x-ray vision. That would be interesting, although I believe only Superman has that particular curse or gift, depending on how you look at it. With you it would most certainly be a gift.”

He was flirting with her.

She crossed her arms over herself, unsure of how to react to his tone. He was an ancient vampire, not exactly the boy next door. “Are you going to turn around?”

“How do you know I’m not already turned around?”

 He didn’t sound like he was but she wasn’t completely sure. She reached out. Her fingers brushed over his nose, lips, neck and down his chest. Definitely not turned around, yet she couldn’t stop her exploration. Over his chest, along his ribs and down his stomach. Smooth and hard.

That’s all for today, folks! Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own snippets as well.

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