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Monday Mini Excerpt


Hi All,

Thought I’d share a short excerpt from Blood Eternal, probably one of my most favorite scenes to imagine in this book. I feel it very sad, yet revealing of what exist between Luke and Savannah:

“Could you promise me you would never kill again?” Savannah’s voice broke on the last two

words, as if it cost everything to say them.

“No.” Luke would never make a promise he could not keep. Even now he made plans to

save her. If those plans involved killing Lorenzo, he would do so without a second thought.

“Why not?”

“Death is a part of me. You stated you could not change for anyone ever again. I cannot

change who I am, either. As much as I want to.” He brushed her chin with his fingers. “I could

not live with myself if anything were to happen to you, understand?”

“I wish I could,” she said.

His chest seized at her words. The road curved ahead, slithering like a snake through

verdant landscape. A heavy mist glowed silver beneath the moon’s light, its arms stretched and

wafting across the hills. The lonely scene spoke to him. Its rhythm would have matched his

heart’s beat, had he possessed one.


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Sunday Snippet

Hi All!

Sharing another snippet today from my current work in progress, Touch Eternal. Enjoy!


Michaela glanced down at her pale blue dress, torn and bloody in some places. An icy breeze moved through her and she gasped for breath. What the hell? She staggered as a woman’s form left her and moved toward Rafe. Her hips swayed with a grace Michaela knew she’d never possess. She glided rather than walked, a vision draped in white and gold. Tall, with golden hair and full lips. Her gown hugged her breasts and fell around her, forming a tail along the floor. She paused beside Rafe.

Rafe looked her over from head to toe, then met her gaze. “What’s the occasion?”

The woman smiled, her expression an unusual combination of seduction and innocence. “What if I told you I had dressed up for you?”

“I’d tell you, you were wasting your time.”

She pouted. “Lucius, we were good together. Don’t you remember?” She caressed his neck.

He caught her hand in his. “Don’t. You know better than to refer to me by that name. I left him behind long ago.”


That’s all for today, folks! Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own snippets as well.

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Sunday Snippet

Hi All!

Sharing a snippet today from my current work in progress, Touch Eternal. Enjoy!


Rafe laughed. The sound, rich and deep, moved over her like a caress. “Not x-ray vision. That would be interesting, although I believe only Superman has that particular curse or gift, depending on how you look at it. With you it would most certainly be a gift.”

He was flirting with her.

She crossed her arms over herself, unsure of how to react to his tone. He was an ancient vampire, not exactly the boy next door. “Are you going to turn around?”

“How do you know I’m not already turned around?”

 He didn’t sound like he was but she wasn’t completely sure. She reached out. Her fingers brushed over his nose, lips, neck and down his chest. Definitely not turned around, yet she couldn’t stop her exploration. Over his chest, along his ribs and down his stomach. Smooth and hard.

That’s all for today, folks! Please feel free to leave a comment and share your own snippets as well.

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Blood Eternal: Excerpt

Hi All!

Book one in the Blessed Series is now out on Kensington’s site as well as Amazon.  I’m including an excerpt from a scene right before it gets steamy between Luke and Savannah. Enjoy!

As Savannah neared Luke’s room, she slowed. His door was open. Curious, as he never left it open. She paused at the entrance. The bedroom was as spacious as she’d expected. A cozy sitting area opened up into a larger space where a four post bed stood against thebloodeternal middle of one wall.

Beyond the bed, the gray light of night’s transition traced Luke’s silhouette against an enormous window. Shirtless, he leaned on the glass. Low-slung pants hugged the base of his back and hips. Slender rays of moonlight dusted his shoulders, emphasizing their broadness and the definition of the muscles in his arms and back.

She placed a hand on her stomach to calm the flurry of nerves whirling within her. This t so attracted to him.

“Only a couple hours until I must close the blinds,” he said. “This is the closest I get to sunrise, as the sun is strongest for us then.”

“Your door was open.” She winced at her statement of the obvious. She’d never entered his room before. Why had he allowed her to tonight?

“Trouble going back sleep?” he asked

“Yes.” She twisted her hands together and stepped forward.

“And yet you entered a monster’s lair.”

After the way she’d behaved yesterday, she deserved his bitter words. “I planned to sit in the roof garden.”

He hung his head. “Enjoy yourself. Forgive my barbs, I grow tired.”

“I didn’t think vampires got tired.”

“Not much physically, however, that does not exempt us from life’s taxations.” He lifted his head but his face remained in the shadows. “What is it you want, Savannah? I cannot read your jumbled emotions and quite frankly, I have no inclination to probe further.”

“I know,” she said, thinking about her next words. Maybe now wasn’t a good time to talk to him and he was too fed up to hear her out.

“If you have come to fault me for your arousal—”

“No.” Her cheeks heated at his words. “Not exactly.” She breathed in deep. “I came to apologize for being so difficult.”

“What brought this about?” He moved toward her. “Have you changed your mind about becoming a vampire?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “No, but I do realize you have no control over what you’ve become. After all I’ve been through, I should have been more understanding.”

He stopped, facing her. His gaze searched her face. “And now?” His voice was no more than a whisper.

“I don’t care anymore.” Savannah trembled, resisting the urge to cover her chest by crossing her arms. “I want to be with you, for as long as you’ll have me.”

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Blood Eternal: Cover Reveal

Hi all,

Check out the new cover for Blood Eternal, due to be published by Lyrical Press in March of 2014! More to come as available.

– Toni Kelly


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