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Sneak Peek Sunday – Touch Eternal

Check out this week’s Sneak Peek Sunday for a very short snippet of my current work in progress, Kiss Eternal:

He woke to the trickle of water and the musky scent of mold. He hung near a stone wall, his hands bound above by shackles that dropped down from the ceiling. One hard tug yielded nothing as the metal held its own against his strength. He inspected the thick cuffs bound around his wrists. Silver.  Shit.

Somehow he’d ended up in a dungeon of sorts. He lifted his head and attempted to shift his position. A dull pain exploded through his back. Christ, what had happened? He groaned, recalling men’s voices, a woman. He glanced down. Blood oozed from several wounds on his torso, soaking his torn tee. Silver wouldn’t have this great of an effect. They must have used something else, but what?

“Your body is getting used to the pain. Still, it will get worse. Those wounds will fester and spread if left untreated.” A woman spoke from across the room. She sat on the floor, her hands tied with rope. Dark blonde hair covered half of her face.

Rafe’s jaw clenched. She’d been a trap all along.

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Sneak Peek Sunday – Irish Dreams

Check out this week’s Sneak Peek Sunday for a snippet of my published novella, Irish Dreams. To set the scene, Ethan and Maggie are dance when they get quite the rude interruption.


Based on the accent, the other man must be a Yank. A spoiled, pretty boy dressed in a designer suit and graced with a decent–if not slim–build. Ethan had come across his type one too many times before. Of course, Rick rubbed him the wrong way. Perhaps it was the air of arrogance he wore along with his diamond encrusted cufflinks. Or maybe his curt tone explained the sudden desire to drive his fist into the man’s smug expression.

“Maggie, did you hear me?”

A deep crease formed between her brows. This spineless tool intimidated her. Ethan clenched his fists, wedging himself between them. “Doesn’t seem she wants to talk with you.”

“Oh Christ, Maggie,” Rick snapped. “Are we going to make a scene over this? I flew several thousand miles. Least you can do is hear me out.”

“Ethan.” Brushing her hand down his arm, Maggie tugged him back. “It’s okay. Give me some time with him. I’ll only be a minute.”

Ethan didn’t like it, but he claimed nothing over her. “Okay. I’ll be here if you need anything.”

They disappeared through the crowd. Bryan came up beside him and thrust a drink toward him. “Whiskey. Don’t tell me you’re already losing to competition.”

“Losing what?” He took the drink. “Unfortunately, I’m still a married man,” Ethan said.

“Hardly. Maybe you’re right though. Dating mightn’t be the wisest choice right now.”

“Miriam and I have been separated nearly two years now. I think that’s break enough.”

“I meant long-term relationships, not sex.”

“Aye, I hear you there.” Far too much time had passed since he’d been intimate with a woman, and being near Maggie didn’t help any. He sipped some whiskey as she led the man called Rick out onto the terrace.

“Who the hell was he anyway?”

Ethan shrugged. “Not sure. Some Yank named Rick. I don’t think Maggie was too keen on speaking with him either.”

“Ah, damn it.” Bryan downed his drink. “Let me find Elsie.”

What did his friend know that he wasn’t telling him? “Wait.” Ethan reached out and grasped Bryan’s arm. “What aren’t you saying? Why go looking for Elsie now?”

Bryan bowed his head and hooked one hand around the back of his neck. “You’re now getting your freedom. I don’t want you in the middle of another mess.”

What mess, and how would he end up in the middle? “Why don’t we start with who this Rick is?”

Taking a deep breath, Bryan said, “Rick Paxton is Maggie’s ex-fiance.”

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Sneak Peak Sunday Post

Sneak Peek Sunday BannerHi all,

As part of Sneak Peak Sunday, I am sharing six never seen paragraphs of a current WIP called Kiss Eternal:

Michaela took a deep breath and closed her eyes as air eased through her sore body. Bit by bit, she made her way across the stone floor to where Rafe lay. He didn’t stir as she came up alongside him and rolled him onto his back with her bound hands. Blood, wet and dry, speckled and stained his pallid skin. Gray circles fanned out beneath his eyes.

Lifting her hands Michaela tore what remained of Rafe’s t-shirt down the middle, exposing his chest and stomach. She paused, taking in his chiseled abs and defined pecs. And they called her a witch. The devil himself couldn’t match Rafe’s temptation. She averted her gaze, worked to remove the scraps of his shirt. Filthy. She rose to her feet and walked along the dungeon wall to where water trickled down the stone. The small bit of liquid soaked into the cloth. She squeezed it out then let it absorb more water. It wasn’t much but it would have to do. She needed to clean his wounds to some degree.

“Okay.” She knelt beside him. “Por favor, please, don’t wake up and bite me.” She placed the wet cotton against his chest and held it there several seconds before releasing a long breath. With small strokes she cleaned his wounds, traveling back to her water source every so often to clean her makeshift rag. Even clear of the dirt and grime, his wounds bled.

Michaela sat back on her heels. She had no choice but to stop the bleeding herself. It would mean tasting his blood and there would be no turning back afterward. Unless he was willing to give up his immortality, he absolutely couldn’t drink from her. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth and placed it over the torn skin of his side. She brushed wet kisses along the damaged skin, sucking out blood as she moved along. His body had already rejected the silver bullets. A good sign. Skin mended and stretched, allowing her to focus on other injuries.

He shifted beneath her and she pulled back, but not fast enough as he held the material of her dress in his steely grip. His eyes glowed burgundy, his fangs elongated. One tug and she’d tumble into his arms.

Michaela sank back to the ground from her squatted position. She grew weak from the healing. “Please, don’t drink from me.”

Hope you all enjoyed the treat. If you’d like to catch more six paragraph snippets, please click here.

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A Great Story

Okay, so it’s a weekday night and I’m taking a breaking from my regularly scheduled program (writing my manuscripts of course) to write this blog which I’ve somewhat neglected of late. You see, I’m in the midst of reading a Lori Foster book called the Buckhorn Legacy, which I absolutely love, I’m writing the next book in my Blessed series which is currently called Kiss Eternal (a work I’m very excited about) and I’m also beta reading the sequel to Sins of the Undead Patriot for a fellow author a.c. Mason whose work I also love. Right now, I’m surrounded by great stories and life is good. So of course it has got me wondering what makes these stories so great and why is that important?

Whether you’re a reader or writer out there, I think we can all admit that a great story stays with us, changes us and overall uplifts us in some way. A bad story or a bad book in general can just plain bring the mood down and let’s face it, our world has enough craziness and negativity going on that we don’t really need to add to the pile.

So what makes a great story? I think this is a very subjective question so I’ll answer as to what I like from a book and what I believe that I as an author need to do. I believe a great story makes readers feel. That can mean it makes us feel good, bad, sad, happy, etc. The characters leave impressions and they stay with the readers, enticing them to want more or at least come back and visit every now and then. A great story leaves an imprint. What about you all, what do you think makes a great story?

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